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An enlightening educational seminar
on aluminum extrusions


Our Unique Program

-Innovative aluminum solutions-

May 20, 2020


Presenting opportunities with aluminum extrusions, from inception to production. Gain a deeper understanding of the principles of aluminum, tooling design, fabrication, surface treatments, welding, die design, current applications, new technologies and more.

Hydro's goal is to convey a deep understanding of the principles of materials, production, and market application technology. The Hydro Profile Academy gives you the tools with which you can create the optimum extrusion solution.

Since the program's North American inception in 2009, we have hosted over 3,100 guests at over 70 events. 


We have a true passion for aluminum.


Academy presenters have decades of experience in the aluminum industry. With backgrounds in design, metallurgy, fabrication,  and more -  attending a Profile Academy provides you the opportunity to have your questions answered and utilize our experts as a resource going forward.



Conference Setting. Typically one and a half days.  
(Automotive focused event in Michigan is a condensed one day program)



Welcome & Company Overview
A brief introduction to Hydro, our history, offerings and capabilities.
Metallurgy & Alloys
Discussion on the Bauxite to Billet process, alloy designations, microstructure, tempers, and finding the right alloy for your application.
Extrusion Process
From the aluminum log to the extruded product, a step-by-step walk-through of the extrusion process.
Extrusion Design
Understanding extrusion design fundamentals to make a cost-effective product with optimal functionality and an attractive appearance.
Extrusion Tolerances
Understanding aluminum extrusion tolerances, their purpose and how to interpret the industry guidelines. Discuss variation such as twist, straightness, flatness and angularity.
Guided Extrusion Plant Tour
Tour of our local facility (where applicable)


Aluminum is very adaptable to fabrication and machining processes. Discussion will revolve around the common fabrication methods including sawing, drilling, turning, and more. 
Bending & Forming
Discussion on bending’s benefits, theory, processes, and examples. Includes straightforward overview of the hydroforming process.
Joining & Welding
Covering a variety of options including: Longitudinal joining, snap fits, mechanical joining, adhesive bonding, welding and friction stir welding.
Paint & Anodizing
Discuss the process of painting or anodizing extrusions, the benefits, quality insurance procedures, industry standards, and more.




99.7% of past participants would recommend this course to a colleague

This has been the best training class I’ve been involved in over 30 years in the business.
— Eric H., Ryerson
Very informative, worthwhile, and enjoyable.
— Don R., Knoll
Great educational Academy.
I will be recommending this to others within my organization.
— Jordon S., Forms + Surfaces
A perfect blend of education and collaboration.
— Brad W., Harmon

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About Hydro 

Hydro is a fully integrated aluminum company with 35,000 employees in 40 countries, combining local expertise, worldwide reach and unmatched capabilities in R&D.

From cruise ships to LED lights, windows, air conditioners and hundreds of products in between. Hydro’s experts help design, extrude and manufacture the parts that shape your world.

Hydro is present within all market segments for aluminum, with sales and trading activities throughout the value chain serving more than 30,000 customers. 

The world's largest aluminum solutions partner close to you.